Welcome to our range of Colour Mix mugs…

At Colour Mix we believe in bringing colour to life. Everyone loves colour and with our range of mugs based on pure watercolour pigments you can bring colour into your life. Each mug is a match to the pigment referenced below the wash of colour (PG37 refers to Pigment Yellow Number 37 – Cadmium Yellow).

What Colour Are You? Are you strong, ambitious red? A self sufficient yellow? Or maybe a reliable and sensitive blue? Whatever your shade, find it here and display your Colour Mix Mug with pride

Our Colour Mix mugs are designed, and printed in the UK. Their quality is assured. Dishwasher-proof for up to 1,000 washes, these beautiful mugs can be used day-to-day or form part of an eye-catching and vibrant display in your home.


Dishwasher Safe

Over 1000 washes with no fading.

Made in the UK

Quality bone china. Designed and printed in the Midlands.

Help Us Grow

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